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About Bridget...

Bridget collecting shells.jpg

For 7 yrs the deltoid of my dominant arm was paralyzed due to a botched shoulder surgery preventing me from using my arm from the waist up. I was in chronic pain and all my passions were taken from me...except my love of the beach. The beach was a place I could go to and feel peace instead of pain, embrace solitude without sadness, and be reminded of God's goodness. 6 yrs ago I was afforded the opportunity to have reconstructive shoulder surgery by one of the best surgeons in the world. He made my arm functional again and brought back my joy that was missing for so long.


 It's always brought me joy collecting shells and while at Pompano Beach early 2022, some ladies saw the joy on my face as I pulled stuff out of shallow water with my hand and thought I must have found buried treasure or something.When I showed them all of my cool shells, they looked confused as to why someone would be so excited about shells, and asked what I was going to do with them. At that point I hadn't really decided, but I spent the next week researching different things to do with shells and fell in love with the look of resin art.The rest is history!

To the left is me collecting shells at Crescent Beach in Florida. I get some of the best shells first thing in the morning while waiting for the sun to come up to start a new day. I'm not sure if it's the solitude, the loud roar of the ocean, or the anticipation of a new day, but there's something about a walk on the beach before sunrise that is good for the soul. If you've never gotten up for it, I encourage you to do it once in your will recharge your soul! 

I hope my art brings back a happy beach memory, puts a smile on your face, and inspires you to take time each day to do something that makes you happy! The beach is my happy place and I like to visit as often as possible. Each shell used in my art is hand picked by me (and my boyfriend) from various beaches in Florida. If you're looking for art from a specific beach, let me know. It may just inspire us to visit that beach next! Hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it! Happy Browsing! 

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